Photography Workshop Format

The workshops do not offer “recipes” for creating images. It is based on a thorough understanding of the impact different elements will have on the viewer of an image.

The photographer can therefore use this knowledge to create images which are clear in their message and use the available elements for maximum impact.

Each day starts long before sunrise in order to get to a photogenic spot for sunrise and to make the most of the soft morning light. Coffee and rusks are served during the shoot to keep energy levels up (and warm up on cold mornings).

After the Morning shoot, participants return for a late brunch. After brunch formal lectures (2-3 hours duration) are offered.

The following topics are covered during lectures:

    * Understanding and using light, colour and tone
    * Understanding exposure and using exposure controls to enhance expression
    * Understanding digital photography (Colour profiles, file formats, sensors, resolution, etc)
    * Building blocks of visual design (Lines, Shapes, Textures and Perspective)
    * Understanding dominance
    * Understanding and using Balance and Tension
    * Understanding Pattern and repetition
    * The importance of proportion
    * Expression and Symbolism
    * Photographic “essays” demonstrating the evolution of some images

After morning lectures we break for an extended lunch to give participants time to select images for evaluation.

Afternoons are spent evaluating the work of participants. Photographs are not judged, but evaluated to determine ways it could be improved using the elements available to the participants.

After evaluation we break for a tea break before setting out for the afternoon shoot, which lasts until after sunset. Johann and Nicole usually show audio-visuals after supper for interested participants (Those who are still on their feet!).

The workshop ends with an audio-visual using each participant’s ten favourite images made during the workshop.


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