Nicole Palmer

Nicole Palmer is a Photographer and a Potter and has been teaching both mediums for many years. Her aim is to put her pupils in touch with their CREATIVITY. She is essentially an outdoor photographer and her camera is the vehicle with which she express emotions and convey experiences. When traveling it also becomes her  visual dairy.

Over the years, Nicole has taken part in many exhibitions both in Ceramic and Photography and her work has been published in numerous brochures, calendars and magazines.

Under the name "DANCE of LIGHT", she present photographic courses and workshops in Stellenbosch and in South Africa.

From the Orange River to the Kunene, she has roamed the Namibian Desert for 25 years and with Willem Oets and Lydia Ellis, was a lecturer for 12 years in their own “DESERT LIGHT WORKSHOP” which has resulted in her  becoming particularly familiar with the Southern part of Namibia.

Nicole is involved in photography at regional, national and international levels and has given Audio Visual and instructional presentations at various locations in South Africa, Namibia, Switzerland and France.

Her  photographs and Audio Visual shows were also well received in Lucerne, Switzerland. This was one of the marvelous highlights her photographic career.

Nicole says:  “In 2009 an unexpected surprise swept me off my feet as I was selected by SANAVA (South Africa ART ASSOCIATION) as the first SA “ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER” for a 2 months sojourn in PARIS, at “LA CITE INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS”. This was the most enriching experience I could have ever wished for! “ 

As a guest speaker at various Congress in the Western Cape, she has often been invited to present her photographs and philosophy on Macro and Landscape photography more specifically.

Partnering with JJ van Heerden in the Aus Desert workshop will enrich every participant above all expectations. Both their skill and passion is tangible and contagious. 


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